Why I’m going to like my internship.

This semester I have my first internship at Ruder Finn.  When I was doing the mandatory pre-interview research on the company, I came across a message from chairman and founder, David Finn.  I really liked what he had to say about public relations and the role he thinks it should play in shaping the future.  He points out that public relations professionals have many of the skills necessary to help improve understanding in the global world; good public relations people are great communicators and skilled at situation analysis.  These two skills play an obvious role in global relations and are skills that make public relations professional truly valuable.

I think this is exactly the reason I became interested in public relations in the first place.  While I can usually write myself off as being young and idealistic, it is nice to hear that a seasoned public relations professional can hold the same optimism about the industry.  Reading David Finn’s letter made me excited about starting my career in public relations and really excited about working for Ruder Finn.

I don’t necessarily expect the research I was doing today on health care trade publications in Mexico to improve the world in any way.  I do, however, expect that if I work really hard now, while I’m on the low end of the public relations food chain, that I will eventually be able to work my way up to a position in which I can help bring about actual change in some small way.  From my young, inexperienced perspective that is what makes a career in public relations both exciting and challenging.



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2 responses to “Why I’m going to like my internship.

  1. Good luck with your internship. Great first installment to your blog. I will be reading with interest as we all were once a PR intern. I remember to well the joys and pains of learning the ropes.

    Have fun.

    • kellyfeehan

      Thanks for your comment! The internship is great for keeping me down-to-earth about what entry level PR is going to be, but I some times forget that my bosses were once in my shoes. It’s nice to be reminded that the hard work does pay off.

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