T-minus seven months until graduation…

Although I am not the type of person who particularly enjoys school and lives for classroom learning, I might rather be doomed to being a student for the rest of my life than have to think about what I am going to be doing this time next year.  But more school is not an option for me at this point for several reasons, so I have to buckle down and figure this out.

I was browsing through the public relations page on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, hoping to find the answers to all my career questions.  However, I quickly realized the Federal government isn’t too concerned with giving every soon-to-graduate-and-freaking-out-about-it 22-year-old career advice.  And when I really think about it, I am not yet desperate enough to take career advice from the Federal government.  But in any case, being a big fan of numbers, it was nice to read the statistics.

The stats are from 2006, so a little bit out of date, but good enough.  The current economic situation probably means they are no longer totally accurate, but I tend to assume an “-ish” after numbers to make up for economic turbulence.  Apparently in 2006 there were 243,000ish people working in public relations and the BLS is saying that by 2016 there will be 286,000.  For us soon-to-graduate types, that is good news.  The industry is growing, so if we are willing to work hard there is a place for us.  That being said, the Feds dutifully report that ” keen competition is expected for entry-level jobs”.  Luckily for us Loyola kids, we have been told that from day one and we are expected to have internships in order to give us a leg up over said competition.

The rest of the page talked about qualifications and advancement in the public relations industry, all information I already had a good grasp on.  What I have concluded after reading through the page is that I should not be worried about finding a job in public relations.  Jobs are definitely out there and I know what I have to do to find one.  Realistically, I (and most of my fellow students who are soon to graduate) am just worried about committing to the “real world”.  Bottom line,we all have to make that leap sooner or later.  The fact that I am graduating with a degree in public relations gives me a tangible skill set that will work to my advantage in whatever field I choose to work in.  Time to man up and jump in!



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2 responses to “T-minus seven months until graduation…

  1. Luckily, communication degrees are flexible. Did you know much about public relations before you decided to major in it? I admit that I didn’t. All I knew was that I couldn’t do calculus and liked writing, so Ad/PR seemed better than Marketing (my original major).

    I remember looking at the same website for Marketing, but the statistics didn’t mean a thing coming straight from high school. You’re right – I don’t think that you can tell if a major/field is right for you until completing an internship. I know people who are graduating with an Ad/PR degree who discovered that they hated it after interning, and who swear they’ll never work in the field. I guess that’s something I missed by testing out of core – getting to experience different aspects of different fields. By the time I graduate, I’ll have completed internships in fashion, healthcare and arts/entertainment public relations, so at least I’ll have had a wide range of experience within public relations. I’d imagine that interning at Ruder Finn would give you the same sort of experience in one semester.

    • kellyfeehan

      Thanks for the comment, Sarah. I love this scary what-am-I-doing-with-my-life stage we’re all going through. I always laughed at my older friends when they got to this point. Not laughing now… But you’re right, our degree is going to be really flexible, so we’ll figure it out.

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