Good advice from a young pr pro

A coworker at Ruder Finn mentioned the Creative Career blog to me the other day.  It’s written by Allie, a friend of his at Edelman.  Her blog offers advice to the college student/ recent grad looking for a job in the world of creative communications.  Allie is a relatively new to the public relations world too.  So she understands the mindset of those of us looking for jobs, but also has the perspective of someone who’s been there, done that and survived.  Her recent post, The Art of Proving Yourself in a New Career is worth reading.

I’m in total agreement with everything she says.  I especially like number two “attention to detail comes first.”  She says that “you have to prove that you can get the details right before moving on to the ‘bigger picture’.”  In class all our projects focus on creating plans and campaigns.  No one mentioned that when we first started working we would be sitting around researching technology reporters and Smart Grid bloggers.  But that’s where you have to start if you one day want to get to the point where you’re doing things that are more creative.

Number seven, “learn to prioritize” is also a great point.  When I first got to Ruder Finn, it felt like everyone was giving me different projects and that I would never get them all finished.  Once I learned to do the most important things first and save the routine projects for when I had time, I began to get things done really quickly and was able to take on more and more.

If I could add anything to I’d say that you should get to know as much as you can about the client and the project, even if you’re just told to make a media list.  When I first started working I’d get all these assignments that seemed really random and that I couldn’t put in context.  I think it’s really helpful to research the client and then ask your boss about the work you’re doing for that client.  That way if you get stuck on something you can ask intelligent questions.



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2 responses to “Good advice from a young pr pro

  1. So glad you could relate! I always liked “comparing notes” with others to see how our early experiences lined up.

  2. Kelly,

    Thanks for posting Allie’s blog. I found it very helpful.

    Isn’t it kind of disappointing that we go into jobs thinking that we will have the chance to work on a full-out plan right away, and then get there and get stuck doing media lists and speaking and award databases? I understand that those things are important, but I guess our generation is a bit narcissistic in that we think we can do anything, when the reality is that we really do have to start from the bottom and work our way up. We need to build experience. Thanks for pointing that out.

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