Goals, strategies, objectives, tactics, old pairs of socks

I’m taking a break from working on a final project.  The assignment is to create a social media plan for a brand or company.  Sounds easy enough and essentially I know where I’m going with the project.  The problem comes when I have to write it all out.  The thing that I’ve always found confusing about public relations are these theoretical goals strategies, objectives and tactics that everyone keeps talking about.  I mean, all the words sound pretty much the same.  Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that they are not the same.  That much has been explained to me a million times by a million different professors.  But you have to admit, they do sound the same.

More baffling to me is the fact that the public relations world insists on a very distinct yet hard to define/ explain differentiation between the four.  If you read this post from the Pro PR blog, you can read yet another explanation of what all these different words are supposed to mean.  It still feels kind of nit-picky to me.  I would even be okay having two different categories of .  Obviously a goal is not the same as how you’re going to achieve it.  So I can see having a goal and tactics or strategies, or whatever you want to call them.  If you state what you want to do (goal) and how you want to do it (tactic) it seems to me that you’ve covered you bases.  Anything else is just splitting hairs.

That being said, the power that be in the public relations world are quite insistent on a diferenciation, so inorder to do my part to appease said powers, I give you the goals, strategies, objectives and tactics of eliminating goals, strategies, objectives and tactics from the public realtions world.

Goal: Get rid of goals, strategies, objectives and tactics as a means to creating a public relations plan.

Strategy: Convince the public relations world that these things are not necessary.

Objectives: Take care of things to old fashioned way; beat it out of them.

Tactics: Brooms, clubs, bats, years of therapy.


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