Thanks Loyola profs! We’ll try to do you proud…

I have been studying public relations for over three years now and have had a number of different professors.  I’ve been lucky enough to have professors who have all worked in the real-world.  While professors who are strictly academics tend to be smart and often have a lot to say about their subject, I’m glad that all my professors have experience in the field they are teaching me about.  I have come to realize that I learn the most from listening to real-life stories of professionals and get very little out of theoretical lectures.

One of the best things that professors in Loyola‘s School of Communications do for their students is invite other industry professionals.  Our professors are aware that their own experience is limited and that we’ll learn more by hearing from people with a wide variety of professional experiences.

One of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Loyola was my Organizational Communications class taught by Robert Kornecki.  Professor Kornecki did not lecture instead, he share stories and case studies with us.  Not only was Kornecki himself a wealth of public relations knowledge, but he also brought in a guest speaker nearly every week to talk to us about various aspects of public relations.

Now that I am entering my last semester at Loyola I truly appreciate the opportunity that all my professors have given me to hear from real-world experts.  During interview and at my internship I am able to talk knowledgeably about actual cases and apply those to a given situation.  I will get the opportunity to create public relations plans until I am blue in the face when I reach the real-world.  Having learned from some of the best and brightest in the industry gives me a leg up over the completion who have not had exposure to as many industry professionals as I have.


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