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Taking a look at my own social media habits

I first started my foray in the social media world as a young, innocent jr. high student.  Like many of my fellow classmates I would sit at home at night and instant message my friends on AIM.  I remember being thrilled when I first learned of AIM.  All of my friends had AOL at home and I was truly envious as we just had generic internet at my house (“AOL is the internet with training wheels” was the explanation I received when I queried as to why we were not blessed with AOL).  Since AIM was run by AOL, it was the next best thing and get this, it was FREE!  All you needed was an email address.

I was poised and ready to sign up for my AIM account, but needed a screen name.  No ordinary user name would do.  Other kids had awesome usernames like SportsDude88 and MaraschinoCherry1019.  I needed a username that would express my individuality and be cool so I would feel lame sharing it with the kids at school.  After several days of pondering and consulting all my friends as well as my siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins… I settled on kellywood87.  It was like Hollywood only better… kellywood plus the year I was born, 87, of course.  I wouldn’t want anyone to confuse me with the other kellywoods out there and besides all the cool kids had numbers in their screen name.

My nights of IMing were fun and exciting ones.  I would hover in the computer room waiting for my brothers or sister to finish their allowed hour of computer time before jumping on myself.  occasionally I would be interrupted by my mom yelling at me to get of the internet because she needed to make a phone call.  But while when left uninterrupted I could talk for hours to my friend my latest crush, the annoying math teacher and how annoyed I had been with Lauren or Christina or Mia that day.

When I moved on to high school I stopped using AIM as much and there were a few years in there where I led a life free of social media.  That is until the end of my senior year when I discovered… FACEBOOK. Facebook was amazing.  All my friends and I were going to different colleges, so Facebook made it easy to keep in touch.  I could add photos of Friday night kegstands and check out pictures of my friends at Ohio State passing out in fraternity houses.  Facebook was way better than AIM and I was even addicted to it than I has been to IMing.  I checked Facebook first thing when I woke up in the morning, after every class and all meals and it would be the last thing I would see before going to bed at night.

Luckily, things cooled off between Facebook and I after my freshman year and I have gradually become less and less addicted.  I still check my Facebook semi-regularly, but it has become more of a tool to avoid doing my homework than an addiction.  I have also joined some more mature (I’m nearly a grownup now, so it’s time I start acting like one) social networks, like LinkedIn.

Ideally I would blog, but the few times I have tried to start a blog it has gone the way of the diaries I tried to keep as a child.  I’d write for three days straight and the not write for seven months.  If I end up teaching English in Spain next year, I do my best to keep a blog.  Hopefully with school to take up my time, I’ll be able to update it a few times a month.

I am surely not as social media crazed as a lot of other people are and I would like to keep it that way.  If I end up going into public relations I will most likely be doing tons of social media for clients, so I am sure I’ll get my fix.  While I appreciate the most basic social media, I am not a big fan of posting everything I do online.  Call my old-fashioned, but I like to have my secrets.


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Small towns and social media.

I am from a relatively small city in Ohio.  Toledo, to be exact.  As many non-Ohioans are not too up-to-date on their Ohio geography, here’s a map for your reference.

Most of us native Toledoans consider Toledo to be the center of the universe.  After all we brought you Katie Holmes, Jamie Farr (M*A*S*H… anyone?) and heavy metal band Lollipop Lust Kill.  That’s not to mention Tony Packo’s, the Toledo Mud Hens and largest continuous sheet of tempered glass on record.  But I digress…

The point here is that while we small city folks may have oodles of hometown pride, most of us can own the fact that we are often a little behind on the times.  Fashions, trends and new ideas take longer to grab on around town.  Social media is not exempt from this rule.  The originals like Facebook and MySpace took a minute to become the hip thing.  I remember my younger cousins in suburban Chicago were on them long before I was.  YouTube caught on fairly quickly, but I of course heard about if from my Chicago cousins first.

Nowadays most Toledoans know of the pleases and sorrows of both Facebook, YouTube and blogging, but some of the other networks that are huge in  Chicago still have not caught on in my hometown.  I don’t know anyone in Toledo who tweets and I would be hard pressed to find any Toledo business contacts on LinkedIn.  I would be willing to wager that most Toledoans don’t know what Flickr or Delicious are.

Keeping in mind that Toledo is fairly representative of a lot of midwestern cities and towns, I would be interested in finding out if there is any research on integrating social media in small towns and cities.  I did a quick Google search but did not find much.  Any one have any ideas?

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